Saturday, December 4, 2010

i want to wake up in that city that never sleeps

Megabus ride where our driver did not know the way to NewYork (or english for that matter) and my boyfriend had to quarter-back it all the way into the city, Asian-style thanksgiving with a 28lb roast pig, youtube videos (ktown hotties suggested by Sunny Yung), lots of Asian pears, Disney Scene-It, mahjong, foodparc, overpriced soju, running into everyone in ktown, poptart world, charmin' bathroom stalls (?????), olive garden, mediocre breadsticks, little girls getting arrested at f21, the frick collection, tea at the peninsula, sake bombing and the name game with three David's (yeah, it was quite a game), Henri Bendel, Soho sulking, faux-fur jacket purchasing, sushi of gari 46, west side story and having dimsum with kal penn (kumar from H&K), MISSING OUR BUS BACK TO BOSTON

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving too! 
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  1. I think your words and photos have captured the spirit of the city very well. I wish I was there, too.

  2. poptarts! chocolates! forever 21! YUMMMM. you're so pretty :) also, let me know if you wanted to follow each other. Have a fabulous day!

    F. (

  3. wow, these photos are wonderful! you're stunning, and i love the poptarts picture haha
    love always,

  4. wow... The pictures are truly amazing :)

  5. Hahah Oh NO! Little girls getting arrested! Ha you had quite a Thanksgiving! Oh my! You made me laugh girly! Even though this whole post is basically listing your writing is so funny! Ha Love it! And your pics! {Plus that outfit in the first few is precious!} Don't you just love the city? And the missing of the bus! TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD! Done it before!

    Ha I'm so glad I found your blog! Definately a gem! Definately following! I would love it if you would follow mine as well!

    Love from,

  6. Ahhh, I've been in Korea for about 4 days and I miss New York already! I was working in the Conde Nast building, which is right across the street from that Charmin store and never bothered to go in, but it was actually just restrooms? So funny but definitely practical.